Friday, January 22, 2010

TTC collector falls asleep on the job - biggest news since Haiti

I find it hard to believe that something like this is even considered news worthy in Toronto. Seriously, when there are literally hundreds of more pressing issues currently at hand a story like this gets front page?!? From what I heard on the news this morning... the TTC collector was working either a late night shift or an overnight shift and fell asleep. Next, TTC authorities want to start an inquiry. Sounds great. Let's waste some more of our money and jack up (not even hiked, you jacked) our fares again to pay for this inquiry. Seriously, what is there to inquire? The guy fell asleep.
I then read the guy who took the picture, Wieler says, "I didn't post to get anyone in trouble, but to highlight TTC problems." Yea, I am so sure we all believe you. Did anyone actually check to see if the guy was even alive?

Anyways, speaking from experience, night shifts blow the big one. At times, sleep becomes so overpowering that it is almost impossible to keep yourself awake unless you get up and go for a walk (which obviously this old guy can't do) or engage in some sort of physical activity. Let's examine his work environment. The guy... sits alone... in a plexi-glass-enclosed room... for a 12 hour night shift. It doesn't take a chemist to work out this equation.

Everyone who is making this into a huge deal including the TORONTO STAR/SUN, you seriously need to grow the f*** up. I know when I pay for my paper…I pay for real news, not a joke like this.

As for the TTC... first you complain you don't have the funds to properly 'operate' your operation, so then you jack up our rates... yet again. Then you take away our free metro pass parking (by the way, how dare you take away my free metro pass parking?!), followed by a further thorough jacking of our rates. Finally, this picture 'jacks' the interweb/twitter/facebook like a virus on crack…and you seriously expect us to continue and support you guys?

What is wrong with this city?

The word of the day is 'jack', as in "You jacked my metropass parking!"

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