Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Up yours ROGERS for ruining my HTC device with your bullshit update!

Rogers Wireless went and did it. They forced all HTC Dream/Magic users to go through a mandatory update for the E911 bug. Note: Users had reported this issue to Rogers in September 2009, but despite the severity of the issue a fix did not come around until January of 2010.

If you have been keeping up, or if you own either of those two devices (I own the HTC Magic) you will know what I am talking about. Once a fix was finally available it was forced onto the users by cutting off their 3G internet connection (WTF? Rogers Wireless, you bitch! What about breach of contract? What the hell does GPS or 911 calls have to do with 3G internet? And if the 3G connection is a part of the bug, why was it not disabled immediately after finding the bug?).

Consider the following.

Android is an Open Source OS. This issue was resolved by developers in version 1.6. As of writing this, Android's latest release is v 2.0. Rogers, on the other hand, still runs version 1.5 on their devices.

You'd think the most reasonable way to proceed would be for Rogers to issue an OTA upgrade to all it's users and update them to 1.6, not only to fix the bug, but to reap the benefits of the updated build.

Again, considering Android is open source many, if not most, users had already upgraded to 'customized' versions of the OS running builds 1.6+.

Rogers decided to force everyone, regardless if you had an updated version of Android running on your device or not, to update. If you chose not to update, Rogers cut off your Data until you did so citing they "had the power to do so".

Rogers, thank you for ruining everyone's HTC device with a late upgrade. Considering again the GPS issue was resolved as of v1.6 roughly 6 months earlier, you forced (or else lose your 3G data) everyone running newer builds to reflash back to a build with a perfected SPL taking ROOT away from all of us (basically locking the phone and taking away all its open sourcedness glory). What the hell is the point of an open source OS on our phones if we can't do anything with them!?! I hate you, but not as bad as I hate Bell.

nyways, if you hate this move as much as I do, join the Facebook Group Up yours Rogers for ruining my HTC device with your bullshit update!

I can't even cancel my plan in retaliation without Rogers
bending me over.

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