Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cognac and Magic

I will keep this brief because I am having too much fun playing around with my new HTC Magic...plus I still have a bit of a headache from last night. I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Alize. I am not much of a drinker to begin with but I figured this booze, which is a mixture of Cognac and Passion-sissy fruit, must be pretty good considering Tupac raps about it in a couple of his tracks. I had asked my good pal Liquor-pig for a brief review of Alize and he responded… “Alize is teenage panty remover. In other words, something teenage guys buy for girls so they can get them drunk and take advantage of them. Lemon gin had a similar reputation when I was in high school.” Thanks Liquor-pig. 

Back to the hardware. This thing is pretty sweet. The most impressive aspect of this phone is the browser. Almost as easy to browse as being on a desktop which is leaps and bounds better than my older HTC S621. This now makes blogging on the go a reality.

Anyways, pics below of the new hardware and booze...oh and check out the camera quality. I snapped a few pics of Kermit as he was sun bathing in my "herbal" garden out in front of my house. Stay cool peeps!

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  1. The Magic really is a great all in one device. I actually use it to post on the fly. Check out the update on the htc site.