Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm sick :(

I have been pretty sick the last week hence the lack of posts. As per my family doctor, what I originally thought was a common cold turned out to be a pretty bad throat infection. I still think he is an idiot. Seriously, since when is Tylenol the magic cure for every ailment? Nonetheless, how I got this throat infection still remains a mystery.

Even with the terrible throat pain, swollen glands, the coughing, fevers and night sweats, one good thing came out of all of this....the medication. You'd be surprised what a good dose of some quality antibiotics coupled with Eucalyptus oil, Vicks, Buckley’s and repeated shots of NeoCitran will do to you.

Anyways, here is a brief synopsis of some strange occurrences and possible posts to come…

*My toaster has been acting up, possible haunting.

*There is a crack head on my street, he is strange.

*And recently, lights in my house started flickering…briefly.

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